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Electrical System Thermographic Inspection
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Mechanical System Thermographic Inspection
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Our expert thermographer is a retired Ford Motor Company industrial electrician and has worked in the electrical field since 1979 and started using infrared cameras in 1989. Our thermographer has extensive knowledge in equipment repair, so he can focus in on developing equipment faults and identify them in accurate, concise presentations in elegantly designed thermographic reports.
At Moore Infrared Thermographic Services, we take care to provide our customers top quality infrared services that are personalized for their unique needs. This site is available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We serve our Customers in the following categories, including:
Building and industrial engineers install mechanical equipment alongside electrical enclosures and equipment. These include machines of all types, e.g. injection molding machines, AHU units, boilers, conveyors, furnaces and others. Here we look for heat generated by friction on rotating equipment, breakdowns in thermal barriers, such as insulation in furnaces. Leaks in boilers and other vessels that convey process materials around a machine or the building are detectable. We have found moisture intrusion sites in buildings.
We consulted with a General Motors facility and created a procedure to locate air leaks in two of their test sheds. We used a FLIR P60 infrared camera to find the leaks using the procedure. Fairchild Semiconductor obtained our services so we could conduct infrared imaging to test rapidly changing events thermally. We were able to obtain infrared images at the rate of 1 kHz to perform radiometric analysis of the infrared image movies. Professor Bluestein has an ongoing project with us to perform infrared thermography in the field to obtain infrared images of tornadoes and adjacent cloud base to observe thermal evolution of tornadogenesis and tornadolysis.
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Capacitor Bank
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Water Intrusion (IR)
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Other Building Services
We offer roof moisture infrared surveys, building weatherization infrared surveys, moisture intrusion infrared surveys, radiant heat system verification infrared surveys and other types of infrared thermographic analysis.